Update 04-15-2018

Damnation is hosting a large 2v2 tournament over the next few weeks. ARES has a number of participants in this tournament. They will be leaving temporarily to join the COLISEUM clan for the matches. So, don’t freak out when you see several people leave.

I’ve got visitors in town and have to cut this one a little short.

As of 6PM (EST) Sunday:

We had 4 players with over 1000 card donations:
BodaciousBetty: 1,678
RugMuncher: 1,271
Corbel: 1,217
Nick D: 1.201

We had 24,056 total card donations.

Our clan score was 39,457.

Top performers this week:
 Betty with 1,678 card donations
 Betty with 118 crowns

The Viking, Co-Founder of Damnation, was looking for a chill spot to hang for awhile, so he joined ARES. Perhaps he simply can’t get enough abuse in the Damnation Discord server and just needed more. Unfortunately Viking didn’t make a great showing for the clan chest. Munch and Betty of course can’t let this go unnoticed, and decided to call him out in #leaders-lounge:

Rᴜɢ Mᴜɴᴄʜᴇʀ| ᴀ ᴇ |❪❱❱❯
On behalf of Ares Clan we’d like to thank @☆ ᴠ ɪ ᴋ ɪ ɴ ɢ ☆ for his contribution in the Clan Chest and collecting as many crowns as he can count high.

GreenBiGG| y x |❪❱❱❯

Rᴜɢ Mᴜɴᴄʜᴇʀ| ᴀ ᴇ |❪❱❱❯

 :ArmLeft: :VIKINGMUFFIN: :ArmRight:

BodaciousBetty| ᴀ ᴇ |❪❱❱❯
He couldn’t untie his own shoes to count any higher.

Rᴜɢ Mᴜɴᴄʜᴇʀ| ᴀ ᴇ |❪❱❱❯
I thought he still wore the velcro shoes??

Update 04/08/2018

As mentioned, we have 40K in our sights. I’d like to see if we can achieve that. Please work on getting your scores up. If you’re in that 2v2 comfort rut, like me, we’re going to get out of it. Feel free to take advantage of the strategy rooms and Mentor Program at the Damnation Discord server. And, we have a lot of great folks in the clan that are happy to help.

With this new effort, we’re probably going to keep a closer eye on scores and score progress. I’m just throwin’ it out there.

We do have 2 open slots, which, if filled with 4K members, should get us in the 38,000+ range. We’re going to be looking for new folks to fill these spots. Munch has agreed to help out here. We also have some dead weight that we’ll be trimming when we need the spots.

I came across Guilded, a type of website for clans, which is from the makers of Discord, I believe. I’ve just started kicking the tires on it, so there really isn’t anything there yet, but you’re welcome to join and see what you think of the available features. I’m considering replacing our current website with it. You can easily login with your Discord ID. Join link: http://www.guilded.gg/#aE9mb1XE.

Speaking of Discord, if you’re not using it, please do. You’re missing out on a lot. And, that’s where all the decisions made.
ARES Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/z6MgPTC
Damnation Discord: https://discord.gg/hCtjrwJ
If you need any help, just ask.

Betty and Munch have been around a long time. They’ve been great, in every way. Well, except for the April Fool’s bullshit. But I’m over that. I think. But I digress… They help me out, provide good, level-headed council, they’re loyal, they never have an attitude, they’re mature (though that might appear questionable), and they’re probably the most active members we have, most certainly in Discord. And, they’ve never once asked to be promoted. I’ve cleared it with DD, and am very happy to promote them to being my Co-Leaders.

Dan has been made the Clan Hero and will represent ARES in the Odyssey matches.

So, to the numbers…

We had 1 promotion to Elder for 500+ card donations:
BunnyBlaze: 758
Bunny is a new member that just joined. I believe I picked him up with the “I need old people” ad.

We had no promotions to Elder for being a Top 10 participant in the chest.

As of 7PM (EST) Sunday:

We had 3 players with over 1000 card donations:
BodaciousBetty: 1,685
RugMuncher: 1,424
Corbel: 1,086

We had 23,002 total card donations.

Our clan score was 37,362 (still have 2 open slots).

Corbel had an idea to crown the #1 members in donations and chests for the upcoming week.
 Betty with 1,685 card donations
 Vmaster with 118 crowns
They’ll get a spiffy crown in their Discord user name to sport for the next week (e.g. ).

Another feature of The Betty & Munch team is their comedy act. We’re all sick of it. I mean familiar with it. When talking with DD about their promotion, he said he’d like them to be more active in the Damnation Discord server. I said, I’ll see what I can do. So, today, their crap blew up the #general-chat channel (Damnation Discord), in classic style. You should go read it. It started around 2PM today.



Update 04/01/2018

Holy Demon got picked up by ZEUS. Congrats to him and we wish him the best. You’ll still see him around our Discord. We of course now have an open spot. I’ll casually look to fill it, but I’m in no rush, and I need to make sure they’re a good fit for us.

If you’re on Discord and I’ve not yet given you access to the “members” channel, let me know and I’ll get it corrected. That’s where all the debauchery occurs.

The numbers…

We had 1 promotion to Elder for 500+ card donations:
Lowell Coats: 640

We had no promotions to Elder for being a Top 10 participant in the chest.

As of 3PM (EST) Sunday:

We had 7 players with over 800 card donations:
BodaciousBetty: 1,471
RugMuncher: 1,463
SavageSamurai: 1,119
Sgt Squirrel: 941
Nick D: 859
Corbel: 845
Prof: 806

We had 22,306 total card donations.

Our clan score was 37,704 (the loss of Demon put a dent in it).

Munch and Betty had a bet this week… Whoever got the most crowns, would have to be nice to the other for the following week. Betty won, and Munch has to be nice to her until the next chest starts.  Last night Ass #1 (Munch) and Ass #2 (Betty) thought it would be funny, for April Fool’s, to make me think Ass #2 was looking to move to another clan, as she was tired of Ass #1’s behavior.

This morning, Ass #2 hits me with a DM on Discord, and begins the wretched act of deception. I say that she is too thick-skinned for this to be true, but she insisted she was serious. So, I addressed like a good leader should treat any HR issue.

Actually, they had me going. Well played. I hit Ass #1, with a DM and he plays “surprised” by Ass #2’s claims. So, I sought council from my main man, Corbel, who plays dumb-ass as well. I don’t have proof yet, but I think Corbel just might be Ass #3 in this plan of trickery. But, after a bit of dumb-assing, Corbel simply asks me what the date it, to which I respond, “F*@K!”. We then plotted the payback April Fool’s plan, and executed. I kicked them both out of the clan, and stripped them down to just a regular visitor in Discord (didn’t ban as I still needed them to be available to continue the fun). It only went on for about 15 minutes and I tipped my hat. Corbel said that I should have made them sweat a bit longer, which I indeed should have.

Anyway, the Ass twins are back in the house. Happy Easter, and Happy April Fool’s day 🙂


Update 03/25/2018

By the time I woke up Saturday, the chest was finished. I certainly understand that in this situation participation in the chest is hard. Hell, I only had the opportunity to get 3 in. So, don’t sweat it. We’re more tracking card participation for now.

I was asked why we keep participants below 2500. We have four, and I have two answers:
1) Two are what I’ll call “interns”, or perhaps “members in training”. These are the kids of key, tenured members and they are welcome to stay.
2) They remain active. Vegeta, for example, was the the #1 participant in crowns this week. Mihkaylah is active, albeit to a much lesser extent.

Clan score is indeed something I’ve been looking at more lately. I have 40K in my sight. But, you should understand how score is calculated. Read this. The bottom 10 contribute very little (3%) to the overall score, while the top 10 account for 50%. Exchanges in the higher / mid levels is how we’ll increase the score.

Corbel has appointed HolyDemon as the clan Hero. Please help Demon out where you can to practice some 1v1.

Munch and Betty had a challenge this week. If Munch were to beat Betty in crown count, Betty would have to reveal her real name, else it would remain a secret. Munch did indeed overtake Betty, and Betty kept up her end and revealed that her name was Erin.

The numbers…

We had 4 promotions to Elder for 500+ card donations:
HolyDemon: 986
McCuddleBunny: 719
+Fubar21+: 622
SuperCell: 550
NoFocus is at 494 and might make it.

We had 4 promotions to Elder for being a Top 10 participant in the chest:
Holy Demon

As of 4PM (EST) Sunday:

We had 8 players with over 800 card donations:
RugMuncher: 1,573
BodaciousBetty: 1,469
Hunner: 1,028
Holy Demon: 986
SliM: 978
SavageSamurai: 952
Ark: 899
Sir knight is at 781 and might make it.

We had 24,702 total card donations.

Our clan score was 37,984.

The required trophies has been raised to 4,000.

For our funny chat shit of the week, we actually have a couple:


“2V2 Love on the Rocks”

Now that we’re here (A R E S), my thoughts, and the update (03/18/2018)

I admit, I struggled with abandoning “Credence”, as it was my baby. Credence was the product of the exodus from the Paradox™ family of clans. Our leader had abandoned us, without handing the clan off to someone else, so we forged our own, new path forward; thus Credence was born. In addition to our base crew (about 20), we’ve been very fortunate to have added several truly awesome people, that just seem to “fit”. In all of the years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve never before felt such a cohesiveness among the team/members.

I can’t tell you all how grateful I am to you all for following me. We moved (from Paradox) just 10 weeks ago, and I’ve put you through it yet again. Thank-you. I’m quite confident that this will be our last stop. I think we’ve found, and are part of, something great in Damnation.

You guys rocked during the move. We had 45 players moved in just 24 hours. Thanks for jumping on it so quickly.

Corbel really stepped up for the move, and afterward. He is now one of my prefects, and my right hand in the Damnation Discord server. Thank you brother for all your help.

Corbel has also accepted the role of clan “Hero”. When any Damnation member thinks they’re good enough to be part of the Z E US clan (the competition team), they have to beat the clan “Hero” from each of the 10 Damnation clans (best 2 out of 3). Betty has also agreed to back him up (backup “Hero”). Thank-you both. Corbel has a pretty leveled-up deck and the friendly battles (leveled down) did present a bit of a challenge. If you could, please try to get some 1v1 friendly battles with Corbel and Betty so they can hone decks for these challenges.

So, on to the numbers…

We had 2 promotions to Elder for 500+ card donations:
Cinosx: 564
Savage Samurai: 558

We had 4 promotions to Elder for being a Top 10 participant in the chest:

As of 6PM (EST) Sunday:

We had 1 players with over 800 card donations:
BodaciousBetty: 960

We had 18,038 total card donations, but we of course lost 2 days of donations due to the move. Math says we would have been at around 25K for all 7 days.

Our clan score was 37,253.

The required trophies has been raised to 3,800. And the clan will be invite-only, or closed going forward. I’m going to try and make sure I better vet future members.

I’m re-branding the website and will pickup a new domain. For now, http://credence.one will remain in service.

I thought this was pretty damn funny, so I figured I’d share:


We are A R E S

The vote is closed.

The majority has spoken, saying either “Yes” or “Meh”.
We had 0 votes for “No”.

All members, go join clan #92LVUPJP. I’m going to hang back to facilitate the move. I’ll be there soon. Name is: A R E S (with the spaces).

You can join from your device here: https://link.clashroyale.com/invite/clan/en?tag=92LVUPJP&token=63w7n8re&platform=android

Join the Damnation Discord server here: http://discord.damnationalliance.com.
Tell them you’re with ARES and they will get you taken care of.

Please do this quickly. We want to be done with the move before the chest starts.

Credence has been closed and will remain in that state. Nobody else will be able to join.

We’ll keep our Discord server as well (but it will be renamed).

You can track movement in to A R E S here: http://royaleapi.com/clan/92LVUPJP

Welcome to A R E S!

Damnation Merge

Since I couldn’t get many of you boneheads in to Discord, I’m going with Plan B (this post).

I was approached by one of the founders of Damnation, a large 9 clan community. They’d like to us join them. So, I’m posing it to you (all members).

First I’ll start with saying that nothing would change, except the name (and of course the clan itself). You would all be included, retain your ranks, and I’ll still be the leader. There are no new requirements, and the rules remain the same. Unlike what was previously discussed (if you were in the Discord talks), they are not making me wait for the trial period, I would be made leader immediately. Some had concerns about this (even me), but it’s no longer an issue.

The clan they are wanting us to take over is A R E S (http://royaleapi.com/clan/92LVUPJP). The 1 guy you see in there is just keeping the seat warm; he would not take one of your spots. The rest of the members moved over to Damnation’s new competition clan.

Note, Discord isn’t required, but a lot of the benefits are available only via Discord.

The pros/benefits

  • They handle all recruiting. This is appealing really just to me. I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t stand recruiting. They will keep the clan full, and I can just sit back 🙂
  • They have 2 strategy channels, and a number of voice channels for coaching, strategies, decks, etc.
  • The have a mentor program where a 4K+ member will help you improve your game.
  • If you ever decided you want to be part of the competition clan, you’d have a spot. Of course one would have to be open, and you’d have to meet the  requirements.
  • It’s a big community of about 340 people. We would be a part of something big. I think I  like that.
  • I’ve been talking with the founder and his top few, and they were all great. I even randomly picked one of the current clan leaders to go have a chat with, and he was very positive about the whole thing.
  • You could play in tournaments if you wanted to. This is something we’ve not tried yet. You will have access to daily tournaments. They have an events manager that arranges bracket tournaments/tournaments/events.
  • They have a partial, voluntary feeder system: All players are given the option to transfer into higher clans if they wish and their trophy counts hits certain requirements.

Everything is voluntary. You can use these resources if you like, or not.

The cons

  • Credence would die. I kind of hate it, but I’ll get over it. New drapes, new shrubs (new domain, website rebrand).
  • They prefer they be involved in CO promotions.
  • No more that I can think of, but this is a bit new for me.

The reason I’ve considered this is really to make sure you guys have access to anything you might want. While recruiting I came across many that said tournaments were a requirement. And, there were a handful of times people in the chat asked for help with their cards, and I had nothing. Hell, I can’t get my own damn deck straight.

At the end of the day, if it doesn’t work out, we can bolt. But, I don’t believe that will be the case.

Take a moment to look around their Discord server: https://discord.gg/z26rH76

Then, please vote below.

Update: The vote is closed.
The majority said “Yes” or “Meh”. We are A R E S. 

Join Damnation?

Update 03/11/2018

As mentioned (previous post), the chest was completed by Saturday, around noon, which was great. But, several people weren’t able to get in a lot of play time toward the chest because of it. This makes evaluation a little tricky. My thought is to fall back to card donation count. BTW, I have raised the card count target from 75 to 100, as the majority of members (86%) handily exceed this.

We’re not going to do any trimming this week, unless I run across an extremely compelling player that wants to join (I’m not actively looking/recruiting).

We wanted to give a big “Welcome” to all of the new folks that joined this week. We’re very glad to have you.

I was questioned about lukerduker and nathan, regarding their low participation.  They are the kids of OG members and are exempt from the participation requirements.

So, on to it…

We had 7 promotions to Elder for 500+ card donations:
Danny (now named rug muncher)

We had 8 promotions to Elder for being a Top 10 participant in the chest:
Danny (now named rug muncher)
Sir knight

As of 3PM (EST) Sunday:

We had 3 players with over 800 card donations:
Corbel: 1,072
Hunner: 884
MiguelPF: 808

We had 20,394 total card donations.

Our clan score was 37,015.

The required trophies has been raised to 3,600.

Update 03/10/2018

The clan chests were becoming a struggle lately, and donations were declining, so we did a notable amount of housecleaning this past week (removed roughly 20 low participation members). If you were one of these, please understand that it most certainly wasn’t personal; it was a decision based on the numbers. I feel that I have an obligation, to the clan as a whole, to make sure everyone is getting what they want/deserve/joined for (lots of donations and a 10/10 every week). Two weeks ago we missed the chest by 200 crowns, and last week we were playing right up to the deadline. Things were headed downhill and we simply had to fix it.

So, I put on my marketing/recruitment cape and hit the streets (Discord, Reddit, Fandom, etc.). We were very fortunate to fill all the empty slots in just a few days. We picked up some unbelievably active players, and pretty damn funny too 🙂 Before I left work Friday, we were well in to Tier 6 of the chest, and it was finished by around noon today (Saturday). Well done! We had about 12 promotions for 500 cards and top 10 in the chest. I’ll post everything tomorrow.

Update 03/04/2018

10/10 chest this week. Well played.

Unfortunately Carlos had some things to deal with and he has departed the clan. Dude made for some fun chat, to say the least 🙂 We’ll miss him. But, I suspect he’ll be back.

Nick D’s son, Nathan, joined the clan this week. Welcome.

STbouton serves in the National Guard and had drills this weekend. Don’t demote him for low participation in the chest. In fact, thank him for his service.

We had 3 players with over 800 card donations (as of noon Sunday):
Hunner: 1,046 (beast)
MiguelPF: 834
Wyot: 820

We had 12,926 card donations.