Update 04/08/2018

As mentioned, we have 40K in our sights. I’d like to see if we can achieve that. Please work on getting your scores up. If you’re in that 2v2 comfort rut, like me, we’re going to get out of it. Feel free to take advantage of the strategy rooms and Mentor Program at the Damnation Discord server. And, we have a lot of great folks in the clan that are happy to help.

With this new effort, we’re probably going to keep a closer eye on scores and score progress. I’m just throwin’ it out there.

We do have 2 open slots, which, if filled with 4K members, should get us in the 38,000+ range. We’re going to be looking for new folks to fill these spots. Munch has agreed to help out here. We also have some dead weight that we’ll be trimming when we need the spots.

I came across Guilded, a type of website for clans, which is from the makers of Discord, I believe. I’ve just started kicking the tires on it, so there really isn’t anything there yet, but you’re welcome to join and see what you think of the available features. I’m considering replacing our current website with it. You can easily login with your Discord ID. Join link: http://www.guilded.gg/#aE9mb1XE.

Speaking of Discord, if you’re not using it, please do. You’re missing out on a lot. And, that’s where all the decisions made.
ARES Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/z6MgPTC
Damnation Discord: https://discord.gg/hCtjrwJ
If you need any help, just ask.

Betty and Munch have been around a long time. They’ve been great, in every way. Well, except for the April Fool’s bullshit. But I’m over that. I think. But I digress… They help me out, provide good, level-headed council, they’re loyal, they never have an attitude, they’re mature (though that might appear questionable), and they’re probably the most active members we have, most certainly in Discord. And, they’ve never once asked to be promoted. I’ve cleared it with DD, and am very happy to promote them to being my Co-Leaders.

Dan has been made the Clan Hero and will represent ARES in the Odyssey matches.

So, to the numbers…

We had 1 promotion to Elder for 500+ card donations:
BunnyBlaze: 758
Bunny is a new member that just joined. I believe I picked him up with the “I need old people” ad.

We had no promotions to Elder for being a Top 10 participant in the chest.

As of 7PM (EST) Sunday:

We had 3 players with over 1000 card donations:
BodaciousBetty: 1,685
RugMuncher: 1,424
Corbel: 1,086

We had 23,002 total card donations.

Our clan score was 37,362 (still have 2 open slots).

Corbel had an idea to crown the #1 members in donations and chests for the upcoming week.
 Betty with 1,685 card donations
 Vmaster with 118 crowns
They’ll get a spiffy crown in their Discord user name to sport for the next week (e.g. ).

Another feature of The Betty & Munch team is their comedy act. We’re all sick of it. I mean familiar with it. When talking with DD about their promotion, he said he’d like them to be more active in the Damnation Discord server. I said, I’ll see what I can do. So, today, their crap blew up the #general-chat channel (Damnation Discord), in classic style. You should go read it. It started around 2PM today.