Update 04/01/2018

Holy Demon got picked up by ZEUS. Congrats to him and we wish him the best. You’ll still see him around our Discord. We of course now have an open spot. I’ll casually look to fill it, but I’m in no rush, and I need to make sure they’re a good fit for us.

If you’re on Discord and I’ve not yet given you access to the “members” channel, let me know and I’ll get it corrected. That’s where all the debauchery occurs.

The numbers…

We had 1 promotion to Elder for 500+ card donations:
Lowell Coats: 640

We had no promotions to Elder for being a Top 10 participant in the chest.

As of 3PM (EST) Sunday:

We had 7 players with over 800 card donations:
BodaciousBetty: 1,471
RugMuncher: 1,463
SavageSamurai: 1,119
Sgt Squirrel: 941
Nick D: 859
Corbel: 845
Prof: 806

We had 22,306 total card donations.

Our clan score was 37,704 (the loss of Demon put a dent in it).

Munch and Betty had a bet this week… Whoever got the most crowns, would have to be nice to the other for the following week. Betty won, and Munch has to be nice to her until the next chest starts.  Last night Ass #1 (Munch) and Ass #2 (Betty) thought it would be funny, for April Fool’s, to make me think Ass #2 was looking to move to another clan, as she was tired of Ass #1’s behavior.

This morning, Ass #2 hits me with a DM on Discord, and begins the wretched act of deception. I say that she is too thick-skinned for this to be true, but she insisted she was serious. So, I addressed like a good leader should treat any HR issue.

Actually, they had me going. Well played. I hit Ass #1, with a DM and he plays “surprised” by Ass #2’s claims. So, I sought council from my main man, Corbel, who plays dumb-ass as well. I don’t have proof yet, but I think Corbel just might be Ass #3 in this plan of trickery. But, after a bit of dumb-assing, Corbel simply asks me what the date it, to which I respond, “F*@K!”. We then plotted the payback April Fool’s plan, and executed. I kicked them both out of the clan, and stripped them down to just a regular visitor in Discord (didn’t ban as I still needed them to be available to continue the fun). It only went on for about 15 minutes and I tipped my hat. Corbel said that I should have made them sweat a bit longer, which I indeed should have.

Anyway, the Ass twins are back in the house. Happy Easter, and Happy April Fool’s day 🙂