Update 03/25/2018

By the time I woke up Saturday, the chest was finished. I certainly understand that in this situation participation in the chest is hard. Hell, I only had the opportunity to get 3 in. So, don’t sweat it. We’re more tracking card participation for now.

I was asked why we keep participants below 2500. We have four, and I have two answers:
1) Two are what I’ll call “interns”, or perhaps “members in training”. These are the kids of key, tenured members and they are welcome to stay.
2) They remain active. Vegeta, for example, was the the #1 participant in crowns this week. Mihkaylah is active, albeit to a much lesser extent.

Clan score is indeed something I’ve been looking at more lately. I have 40K in my sight. But, you should understand how score is calculated. Read this. The bottom 10 contribute very little (3%) to the overall score, while the top 10 account for 50%. Exchanges in the higher / mid levels is how we’ll increase the score.

Corbel has appointed HolyDemon as the clan Hero. Please help Demon out where you can to practice some 1v1.

Munch and Betty had a challenge this week. If Munch were to beat Betty in crown count, Betty would have to reveal her real name, else it would remain a secret. Munch did indeed overtake Betty, and Betty kept up her end and revealed that her name was Erin.

The numbers…

We had 4 promotions to Elder for 500+ card donations:
HolyDemon: 986
McCuddleBunny: 719
+Fubar21+: 622
SuperCell: 550
NoFocus is at 494 and might make it.

We had 4 promotions to Elder for being a Top 10 participant in the chest:
Holy Demon

As of 4PM (EST) Sunday:

We had 8 players with over 800 card donations:
RugMuncher: 1,573
BodaciousBetty: 1,469
Hunner: 1,028
Holy Demon: 986
SliM: 978
SavageSamurai: 952
Ark: 899
Sir knight is at 781 and might make it.

We had 24,702 total card donations.

Our clan score was 37,984.

The required trophies has been raised to 4,000.

For our funny chat shit of the week, we actually have a couple:


“2V2 Love on the Rocks”