Now that we’re here (A R E S), my thoughts, and the update (03/18/2018)

I admit, I struggled with abandoning “Credence”, as it was my baby. Credence was the product of the exodus from the Paradox™ family of clans. Our leader had abandoned us, without handing the clan off to someone else, so we forged our own, new path forward; thus Credence was born. In addition to our base crew (about 20), we’ve been very fortunate to have added several truly awesome people, that just seem to “fit”. In all of the years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve never before felt such a cohesiveness among the team/members.

I can’t tell you all how grateful I am to you all for following me. We moved (from Paradox) just 10 weeks ago, and I’ve put you through it yet again. Thank-you. I’m quite confident that this will be our last stop. I think we’ve found, and are part of, something great in Damnation.

You guys rocked during the move. We had 45 players moved in just 24 hours. Thanks for jumping on it so quickly.

Corbel really stepped up for the move, and afterward. He is now one of my prefects, and my right hand in the Damnation Discord server. Thank you brother for all your help.

Corbel has also accepted the role of clan “Hero”. When any Damnation member thinks they’re good enough to be part of the Z E US clan (the competition team), they have to beat the clan “Hero” from each of the 10 Damnation clans (best 2 out of 3). Betty has also agreed to back him up (backup “Hero”). Thank-you both. Corbel has a pretty leveled-up deck and the friendly battles (leveled down) did present a bit of a challenge. If you could, please try to get some 1v1 friendly battles with Corbel and Betty so they can hone decks for these challenges.

So, on to the numbers…

We had 2 promotions to Elder for 500+ card donations:
Cinosx: 564
Savage Samurai: 558

We had 4 promotions to Elder for being a Top 10 participant in the chest:

As of 6PM (EST) Sunday:

We had 1 players with over 800 card donations:
BodaciousBetty: 960

We had 18,038 total card donations, but we of course lost 2 days of donations due to the move. Math says we would have been at around 25K for all 7 days.

Our clan score was 37,253.

The required trophies has been raised to 3,800. And the clan will be invite-only, or closed going forward. I’m going to try and make sure I better vet future members.

I’m re-branding the website and will pickup a new domain. For now, will remain in service.

I thought this was pretty damn funny, so I figured I’d share: