Damnation Merge

Since I couldn’t get many of you boneheads in to Discord, I’m going with Plan B (this post).

I was approached by one of the founders of Damnation, a large 9 clan community. They’d like to us join them. So, I’m posing it to you (all members).

First I’ll start with saying that nothing would change, except the name (and of course the clan itself). You would all be included, retain your ranks, and I’ll still be the leader. There are no new requirements, and the rules remain the same. Unlike what was previously discussed (if you were in the Discord talks), they are not making me wait for the trial period, I would be made leader immediately. Some had concerns about this (even me), but it’s no longer an issue.

The clan they are wanting us to take over is A R E S (http://royaleapi.com/clan/92LVUPJP). The 1 guy you see in there is just keeping the seat warm; he would not take one of your spots. The rest of the members moved over to Damnation’s new competition clan.

Note, Discord isn’t required, but a lot of the benefits are available only via Discord.

The pros/benefits

  • They handle all recruiting. This is appealing really just to me. I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t stand recruiting. They will keep the clan full, and I can just sit back 🙂
  • They have 2 strategy channels, and a number of voice channels for coaching, strategies, decks, etc.
  • The have a mentor program where a 4K+ member will help you improve your game.
  • If you ever decided you want to be part of the competition clan, you’d have a spot. Of course one would have to be open, and you’d have to meet the  requirements.
  • It’s a big community of about 340 people. We would be a part of something big. I think I  like that.
  • I’ve been talking with the founder and his top few, and they were all great. I even randomly picked one of the current clan leaders to go have a chat with, and he was very positive about the whole thing.
  • You could play in tournaments if you wanted to. This is something we’ve not tried yet. You will have access to daily tournaments. They have an events manager that arranges bracket tournaments/tournaments/events.
  • They have a partial, voluntary feeder system: All players are given the option to transfer into higher clans if they wish and their trophy counts hits certain requirements.

Everything is voluntary. You can use these resources if you like, or not.

The cons

  • Credence would die. I kind of hate it, but I’ll get over it. New drapes, new shrubs (new domain, website rebrand).
  • They prefer they be involved in CO promotions.
  • No more that I can think of, but this is a bit new for me.

The reason I’ve considered this is really to make sure you guys have access to anything you might want. While recruiting I came across many that said tournaments were a requirement. And, there were a handful of times people in the chat asked for help with their cards, and I had nothing. Hell, I can’t get my own damn deck straight.

At the end of the day, if it doesn’t work out, we can bolt. But, I don’t believe that will be the case.

Take a moment to look around their Discord server: https://discord.gg/z26rH76

Then, please vote below.

Update: The vote is closed.
The majority said “Yes” or “Meh”. We are A R E S. 

Join Damnation?