Update 03/10/2018

The clan chests were becoming a struggle lately, and donations were declining, so we did a notable amount of housecleaning this past week (removed roughly 20 low participation members). If you were one of these, please understand that it most certainly wasn’t personal; it was a decision based on the numbers. I feel that I have an obligation, to the clan as a whole, to make sure everyone is getting what they want/deserve/joined for (lots of donations and a 10/10 every week). Two weeks ago we missed the chest by 200 crowns, and last week we were playing right up to the deadline. Things were headed downhill and we simply had to fix it.

So, I put on my marketing/recruitment cape and hit the streets (Discord, Reddit, Fandom, etc.). We were very fortunate to fill all the empty slots in just a few days. We picked up some unbelievably active players, and pretty damn funny too 🙂 Before I left work Friday, we were well in to Tier 6 of the chest, and it was finished by around noon today (Saturday). Well done! We had about 12 promotions for 500 cards and top 10 in the chest. I’ll post everything tomorrow.