Update 02/21/18

We finally hit 50 members. With that of course came some trimming. We had accumulated about 6 inactives, and they were removed. I left johnplays as he has been around for a long time, and came with us from the previous clan. I’m going to cut him some slack and see what happens, but it looks like he’s quit the game.

We had 3 players with over 800 card donations (as of noon Sunday):
Hunner: 917
AmazingAlex: 860
GeekStache: 827
Honorable mention goes out to nick d with 755. Ya’ll are donation machines.

On a related note, this week I added promo to Elder for anyone donating 500 cards.

We had a few promotions to Elder (top 10 in chest,  or 500 card donations). Honestly, I forgot who they were.  I waited too long for this update and they scrolled off the chat. But congrats! 🙂

Miguel came back, and brought his brother 🙂

We hit 10/10, and had 14,946 donations (as of noon Sunday).