The Backstory

Below is the webpage I had setup to facilitate the clan move. I guess it’s a piece of history about how Credence came to be. I’m reworking the website, but figured I’d save it.



A very quick & dirty page to simply provide details on the clan move, as there was no way I was typing all of this in the chat 🙂


“Paradox™ 2” is a feeder of the original “Paradox™” clan, both of which were created by “Anthony” (the Leader).  Unfortunately, Anthony has stopped dropping in and we have amassed a number of (I believe 7 at the time of this writing) inactive Co-Leaders (including 2 accounts for Anthony). Without Anthony, there is nothing we can do about these inactive players (can’t remove them) and they just hog up slots. We’ve had a very successful and long run of 10/10 clan chests, but this is now in decline, and the inactive member slots are not helping. So, that’s why we’re forming another clan.

The New Clan

The new clan will be called “Credence”, which is defined as: belief, trust, confidence, reliance. Actually, it was my brother’s rottie’s (dog) name, and I always thought it was cool. But, there is more to it; I searched for a great many names, and just about all of them were so damn repetitious, we’d never be found (by name). For example, there are probably 100 clans named “Paradox” (totally unrelated to our “Paradox” clan). We needed something unique. There are only 4 clans named “Credence”. We will be the only one with the crescent moon, which I selected because it looks like a “C” 🙂

What to expect if you decide to follow

If you’re reading this, you probably know me (SirFlint) by now. I’m level-headed and fair. I remove dramatic and abusive people with a quickness. This will always be a drama-free zone. I, along with the other COs, will make sure we keep dead-weight trimmed on a regular basis, to ensure we stay active, and maintain a 10/10 chest.

Everyone will keep their status after the move, and we’ll likely add some new COs. We’ve obviously been very reluctant to promote people to CO because of the dilemma we are experiencing with the absence of the leader (Anthony).

Also, I promise that I’ll not abandon this clan; we’ll not end up in this same boat (inactive leader). I will hand it off to someone (just recently found out I can do this) should I ever decide to quit the game (certainly not any time soon).

General Rules

Regularly participate in both card donations and clan chest. I think donating 50 cards is pretty easy to do, and should be the minimum target. There are 1,600 crowns to be collected in a 10/10 chest. With 50 members, if everyone is pulling their weight, that’s 32 each, and should be the minimum target. I’m not saying it’s mandatory, but strongly encouraged. Many of us do far more than 32 which will make up for some slack, but do try to make an effort to pull your weight.

Of course people get busy, take vacations, the holidays roll around, etc., and we certainly get that. Every Sunday I dump the list (from, very handy tool) and store it, so I keep a close eye on history. If you’ve been active, then disappear for a bit, we’ll of course cut you some slack at at trimming time. If you’re going to be away, try to let us know by dropping a note in the chat.

Don’t be an ass-hole to your teammates. I can’t stress this enough. If your mean, you’re gone. We’re a friendly group that enjoys a friendly environment/chat and nobody is going to ruin that.

For brand new members, if the first thing out of your mouth (fingers) is “I want to be CO”, you’ll likely be out the door. In my extensive experience, everyone who has ever done this, turned out to be a total ass. CO is earned over time. Participation, not only in cards and crowns, but in chat and interacting with the team, is needed. The things you say will tell us a lot about you, and we indeed have to get to know you. And, understand that it simply might not happen. We have plenty of highly trusted COs to keep the clan running smooth.

Please keep politics and other social issues out of this mix. These conversations can get sideways pretty damn fast. We’re just here to have fun.

That’s it. Enjoy.

One other thing…  I’ve seen it all. People sometimes just simply lose their damn mind. If someone goes on a kicking rampage, and kicks you for no reason, please join again, and trust that we’ll get that nonsense handled promptly.

To COs and Elders

If, at the end of the clan chest, a “Member” has zero crowns and zero donations, they should be removed.

If, at the end of the clan chest, an “Elder” has zero crowns and zero donations, they should be demoted to “Member”.

I’ll take the same approach for the COs.

We definitely won’t tolerate shit-talk and abusive ass-hats. Feel free to remove these type of people instantly. However, this assessment might be subjective. A bit of friendly ball-busting shouldn’t be punished.

Be sure to consider both donations and crowns. Donations are cleared on Sunday. I generally pull the list around noon, using the API (link above). If someone is slacking in one, but doing a lot in the other, cut them a little slack. If we’re not getting 10/10, then we may take a more aggressive approach and give crown participation priority.

If you kick someone for behavior, there better be valid, documented (chat) cause, else you’ll be on the other end of that stick.

That’s all I’ve got. We’ll keep it active and drama-free. I keep an open door policy and absolutely anyone on this team is welcome to email me with thoughts, concerns, suggestions, etc.


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