Update 01/09/18

We fired up the new clan last night at about 10PM and 13 members have transferred so far. “Luke___” was cool enough to hang back for a couple of days and facilitate / market the move. I promised him 72 virgins after he completes the mission. Unfortunately I don’t even know 72 virgins, boy is he going to be pissed off. Anyway…

New clan tag is: #8CP9GQGP

CR API page for “Credence”: https://cr-api.com/clan/8CP9GQGP

CR API page for “Paradox™ 2″: https://cr-api.com/clan/8CQJRJ8

I really just added the Paradox link so I can track the migration.

While handing out promotions I had accidently promoted Fried Salmon all the way to Leader. He was kind enough to give it back to me 🙂 but it revealed that I could hand the clan off to someone (I didn’t know that), which is great. I’m certainly not going anywhere, but this is a nice insurance plan against being leaderless, should I one day decide to stop playing (certainly not happening any time soon). I wish Anthony would have done this instead of bailing on us; we had such a great team. But, I’m sure this one will be great too, as it includes most of the original people – definately the best ones.

Luke___, make sure you get MjMaster and Iron Death X moved over here.

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