Welcome to A R E S, a Damnation Alliance Clan.


A R E S (formerly Credence) is one of the 11 Damnation Alliance clans (Section A/top tier). Through the alliance we have access to daily tournaments, the mentor program, help with strategy and coaching, plus a ton more. To take advantage of these benefits, Discord must be utilized. The Damnation Discord server is what joins the  clans, and can be a bit overwhelming at first, but there are a ton of great people that are more than happy to help you out navigating it.

As for us (A R E S), we’re a laid-back, mature/adult group of really good people that just enjoy playing the game. We’re very active, producing about 20K-25K in card donations and hitting a 10/10 chest each week. Our in-game and Discord chats stays busy as well. There are plenty of friendly matches, both 1v1 and 2v2 to help you out.

My name is Chris, and I go by the name SirFlint in-game. I’m level-headed and fair. I, along with the other COs, remove dramatic and abusive people with a quickness. This will always be a drama-free zone. We trim dead weight on a regular basis, to ensure we stay active.


General Rules

Regularly participate in both card donations and clan chest. I think donating 150 cards is pretty easy to do, and should be the minimum target. There are 1,600 crowns to be collected in a 10/10 chest. Math would dictate that with 50 members, that comes out to 32 each, if everyone is pulling their own weight. We have a lot of overachievers in the clan, and the chest goes pretty fast (typically by Saturday), so you may not be able to hit 32, but it should be the minimum target. I’m not saying it’s mandatory, but very strongly encouraged. Also understand that those on the bottom of the contribution list are the first to go when we need to open slots .

Update: The clan chest is going away, so we’ll be updating these rules when we see what’s coming in the update.

We definitely need our members to be mature ( 21+).

Of course people get busy, take vacations, the holidays roll around, etc., and we certainly get that. Every Sunday I dump the list (from cr-api.com, very handy tool) and store it, so I keep a close eye on history. If you’ve been active, then disappear for a bit, we’ll of course cut you some slack at at trimming time. If you’re going to be away, let us know by dropping a note in the “AFK” channel on our (ARES) Discord, to ensure said “slack” is cut. You can try letting me know in the in-game chat, but it moves pretty fast and there is a strong chance I won’t see it before it scrolls off.

Don’t be an ass to your teammates. I can’t stress this enough. If your mean and nasty, you’re gone. We’re a friendly group that enjoys a friendly environment/chat and that’s certainly not going to change. But, be warned, there is a lot of ball-busting that goes on. It’s all completely friendly and in good fun, but if you’re easily offended, we might not be a fit for you. It’s actually some of the funniest banter you’ll ever see.

Keep conversations/arguments on politics and other controversial issues out of the mix. These conversations can get sideways pretty damn fast. You can’t partake in any of the following:
– Racism.
– Derogatory language towards LGBT.
– Derogatory language towards mental health.
– Derogatory language towards children.
– Bullying.
– Death Threats.

If you make the top 10 list for crowns, or make 500 card donations, you’ll be promoted to Elder. You’ll need to at least maintain the minimums (noted above) to retain the promotion.

CO is earned over time. Don’t ask for it. Strong participation, not only in cards and crowns, but in chat (Discord and in-game) and interacting with the team, is required. The things you say will tell us a lot about you, and we indeed have to get to know you. The age requirement for CO is 25+. And, understand that it simply might never happen. We have plenty of highly trusted COs to keep the clan running smooth.

One other thing…  I’ve seen it all. People sometimes just lose their damn mind. If someone goes on a kicking rampage, and kicks you for no reason, rejoin, and trust that we’ll get that nonsense handled promptly.

That’s all I’ve got. We’ll keep it active, fun, friendly, and drama-free. I have an open door policy and absolutely anyone on this team is welcome to email me with thoughts, concerns, suggestions, etc. flint@damnationalliance.com.


To COs and Elders

If at the end of the clan chest a “Member” has zero crowns and zero donations, they should be removed. But remember to check the AFK channel in Discord first.

If, at the end of the clan chest, an “Elder” has zero crowns and zero donations, they should be demoted to “Member”.

I’ll take the same approach for the COs.

We definitely don’t tolerate nasty and abusive ass-hats. Feel free to remove these type of people instantly. However, this assessment can be subjective. A bit of friendly ball-busting isn’t punishable. If you kick someone for behavior, there better be valid, documented (chat) reason, else you’ll be on the other end of that stick. You might want to take a screenshot as the chat scrolls pretty fast.

Be sure to consider both donations and crowns. Donations are cleared on Sunday. I generally pull the list Sunday afternoon (EST), using the API (link above). If someone is slacking in one, but doing a lot in the other, cut them a little slack.